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Jack’s Foodland is a locally owned and operated full service grocery store. We take pride in supplying our customers with a complete line of grocery items, small town hospitality and sincere customer service. This has been our trademark since we opened at our current location in March 17. 1987.

While shopping at Jack’s Foodland Supermarket, you will find reasonable prices, fresh high-quality meat, garden fresh produce and a full wide selection of grocery items.

At Jack’s Foodland, you don’t have to choose between Everyday Low Prices and Weekly Ad Specials; Jack’s has both!

We accept Master Card, Discover, Visa and debit cards. We also welcome WIC and Food Stamp customers.

Our History

Jack’s Foodland has proudly served the town of Eva and the surrounding communities for over 40 years with a complete line of grocery items, small town hospitality and sincere customer service.

The story of Jack’s Foodland started with one couple, Jack and Imogene Hopper. In 1961, they foresaw the need of a grocery store for the town of Eva, Alabama. In the spring of 1961, they opened their first store, Jack’s Store. It was a small, one-room country store offering the basic canned good and supplies. As time went by and business increased, they realized the need for a larger grocery and merchandise store.

In 1965, they moved Jack’s Store into a new block building a half a mile North from their original location. The new Hopper’s General Merchandise carried everything from clothes, shoes, grain, feed hardware supplies, plumbing supplies, full service gas station and a grocery store with a butcher shop.

Hopper’s General Merchandise operated for the next 22 years, but as times changed and the small town of Eva began to grow, Jack and Imogene once again began to realize the need to expand their business to better serve their community.

In Spring of 1986, ground broke on a new 10,000 square foot metal frame building to house a new full service grocery store. Jack Hopper contracted with the Mitchell Grocery Corporation to bring a Foodland Supermarket into the building.

On March, 16, 1987, Jack’s Foodland opened its doors for business. Ronnie Knop was hired as store manager. Nell Latham resigned as assistant store manager and went to work in the meat department. Randy Wren was hired as the new assistant store manager. Lynn Boyd was hired as the meat department manager. Tim Ford was hired as the produce manager. The old building was converted into a hardware store and gas station and was renamed Hopper’s Hardware Store.

In May of 1999, Jack & Imogene decided to retire after 38 years. Hopper’s Hardware Store was turned over to their son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Jimmie Hopper. Jack’s Foodland was turned over to their son-in-law and daughter, Larry and Janice Smith.

In 2004, a 5,000 square foot addition was added onto the store to expand the produce and dairy departments. In 2008, the meat department was renovated and expanded as well.

Today, Jack’s Foodland continues to grow and strive to meet the needs of its customers while continuing to hold forth the standard that was set by our founders, Jack and Imogene Hopper, “a good quality grocery store, providing small town hospitality with sincere customer care.”